Big Brum Boogie

Big Brum Boogie is a participatory community project bringing together older, younger folks and anyone in between in Birmingham. The participants developed, learnt and performed the Big Brum Boogie FLASHMOB across Birmingham in August and September 2021!

The project celebrated lockdown easing, giving our fancy-footed participants a sense of excitement and connection whilst championing official health messaging.

Big Brum Boogie is for everyone to get involved and add some sparkle to their summer, and has been designed with access needs front of mind. The project is funded by Birmingham City Council and Public Health England and supported by Midlands Arts Centre – MAC.

Audience Comments

"Thank you for the real impact you have made with the work commissioned. It has been a difficult time for most and the strength and reliance shown by Autin Dance Theatre, even undertaking a project during COVID is admirable. It has been a pleasure working with you."​
Hannah Thomas, Public Health Culture Officer Birmingham City Council
"The cast of Queer Words makes the spectacle authentic, truthful, and meaningful."
Theatre Weekly
"The genuinely likable trio onstage give voice to observations, feelings, and self-admissions that add up to an open-minded and activist depiction of queer pride."
The List

Show Credits


Johnny Autin


Kirsten Tranter


Richard Shrewsbury


Bethany Slinn, Joshua Toft-Wild, Oliver Sale

Production Assistant:

Annalise Cowan


Gillian Leno

Visual Artist:

Paulina Ozynska (Nucis Designs)

Costume Designer:

Monika Jauneikaite